Who We Are

Who we are

Bareware.co is the partnership of two existing businesses run by two families - one based in Belfast producing aromatic and therapeutic oils and balms for beards and skin; and one in Dublin sourcing and supplying fashions to independent local shops and retailers.


Both with similar values, and a genuine desire to offer more organic, natural and sustainable products to a world of single use addiction, they came together to create Bareware - a vision to source, produce and supply ethically produced products and services to those who dare to care about the future of our planet.



Bareware stands for the ideals of natural and organic farming; reduced or eliminated use of plastics, chemicals or pesticides; traceability; reusability; quality over quantity; biodegradable and compostable materials; fair wages and pricing; Local sustainability; minimal distance sourcing; community empowerment.


The Planet – Dare to care

We don’t want to stand by and simply watch the destruction of our planet due to the consumer choices that we make. We believe that more businesses need to put greater value on knowing the origin and production standard of their supply chain and be very conscious of exactly what they are selling, how it was made and where it came from? We think it is a duty to inform their customers of the origin of their purchases to create awareness of the cost of their consumer choices. It’s not always fun to know the background of some of our favourite products and consumables but there is often a reality that needs someone’s courage if they really dare to care about our planet.


Bareware dare to care. Do you?



To cooperate with likeminded producers and retailers subject to ethical standards and fair employment conditions, to supply products and services that satisfy a high sustainability, low impact model throughout the processes of farming, production and provision.


Tto operate with a determined attention to detail on

  • eliminating the use of plastics and chemicals,
  • providing high quality, reusable and sustainable products,
  • fair trade practices,
  • continuing to reduce ecological impact,
  • water conservation
  • origin-tracing.


To offer natural product alternatives for plastic and single use products.



A world without plastic…  anywhere!