Mask information and care instructions

Protect the People, Protect the Planet

Bareware Masks are a sustainable way to help you to protect yourself and the people around you by wearing a face covering while simultaneously protecting the planet by using a 100% natural product that can be used multiple times. Our goal is to provide a environmental alternative to the widespread use and flagrant disposal of single use masks.


100% Natural Cotton

This mask is made from 100% Natural Cotton which means that no synthetic material is used in the fabrication process of the cotton. This also means you won’t have to breath in any nasty chemicals as the end user either – unlike with other fabrics. Cotton is a natural fabric that is grown and we source ours from local farms. It is light and more breathable than synthetic fabrics.


Washable and Reusable

Reusable up to a minimum 30 washes, so you can wear this mask again and again without losing the effectiveness of the antibacterial finish. If you are really careful and treat your mask with a lot of love, you might even get one or two more washes out of it – but we recommend disposing of your mask, by way of composting, after giving its 31st wash! Don’t worry, when you’re ready for a new one just let us know and we’ll give you a little discount on your next purchase – so you won’t even miss those couple of extra washes!


Light and breathable feel

We know masks can be restrictive, so these masks are designed to feel as breathable as possible while still maintaining the integrity of the vapour protective finish of the cotton. We don’t use any synthetic fabrics in our masks either, so that should help you breathe a little easier too!


Comfortable fit

The lightweight ear and head bands have a stitch supported stretch to reduce the impact against your skin and help to adjust the mask to your face. This will give you a snug fit that can allow you to wear the mask comfortably for long and short periods. The triple-fold system in the fabric and fortified noseband mean you can talk and move your mouth comfortably without continuously adjusting the mask.You should also feel comfortable with the fact that the mask is sustainably made from 100% Organic Cotton and can be composted back into the earth in less than a year!


Compostable and Biodegradable

All our masks are fully biodegradable and compostable to return to the earth from where they came. That’s because they are made from natural fibres and can breakdown easily with or without the presence of oxygen. This is stark contrast to synthetic disposable masks which can take a staggering 400 years to breakdown.


Certified Standard Fabric

This mask is made of two lightweight protective layers of natural cotton that is resistant to vapour droplets and has been made following the European standard specification OEKO-TEX 100 (N20120K038)


Mask Usage Advice

Advice from research by health professionals on wearing masks suggests that face coverings are a useful aid in reducing the spread of Covid-19 as they reduce the projection of vapour particles from the mouth and nose during social interactions. Although there are many benefits of wearing a mask during a pandemic, please be conscious of the limitations of mask use and be aware that this is not an invincibilityshield. Use of the mask does not exempt the user from keeping the supplementary measures of physical distancing, proper hand hygiene and controlled coughing or sneezing etiquette that are also essential in limiting the spread of Covid-19. Please seek further advice and guidelines from your local health authorities and professionals.



One Size Fits All



This organic mask is designed for a minimum of 30 cycles of washing and drying without losing its protective integrity. Always follow instructions for washing and drying.

Wash on a full cycle (wet, wash and rinse) with the regular soap or detergent at a temperature up to 60ºC.

Always remember to wash your hands after handling a used mask.

Do not use abrasive products that could damage the integrity of the protection that the mask provides.

During the drying and storing process, avoid contact with possible contaminated surfaces and wash your hands before touching a clean mask.

After every wash, please check that the mask is in perfect condition before you use it again. If it is damaged the mask should be disposed of and a new mask should be used.



To enjoy the full benefits and protection of wearing a mask, please follow the instructions.

1. Wash your hands well (30 seconds) and for additional protection use antibacterial gel before you touch the mask.
2. Try not to touch the inside of the mask at any time.
3. Identify the outer facing side of the mask and top part of the mask where the noseband is.
4. Place the mask on the face with the noseband fitted firmly to the arch of thenose.
5. Earbands: While holding the outer facing side of the mask, hold the mask to the face and attach the ear bands around the ears one by one.

Headbands: While holding the outer facing side of the mask, hold the mask to the face and pull the headbands over the head and adjust as required.

6. Cover the chin fully with the mask and ensure the noseband is comfortably secured.
7. Once fitted, please do not touch the mask with hands. If it is necessary for you to touch the mask while wearing it, wash your hands first.
8. Maintain good hand hygiene and physical distancing procedures throughout social or professional encounters and in enclosed spaces even when wearing mask.
9. To eat or drink while wearing mask, it is recommended to remove mask completely until finished. Ensure mask does not come into contact with possibly contaminated surfaces.



1. Wash your hands.
2. Place on hand on the front of the mask and remove earbands
3. Move the mask away from the face and fold the mouth facing side closed
4. Avoid touching your face, mouth, nose or eyes with your hands during mask removal.
5. Store mask in a bag or container until ready for washing or place directly into washing machine or wash basin after use.
6. Wash your hands after any occasion that you handle a used mask.


IMPORTANT FOR KIDS: The application, use and removalof this mask by little ones should always be supervised by an adult.



Once the 30 wash cycles have been reached, the mask should be disposed of.

The mask should be washed before disposal.

Before composting, it is recommended to remove straps and noseband.

The Natural Cotton fabric is fully biodegradeable.

Local authority directions for disposal can be sought and applied where preferred.

The mask will breakdown in waste with or without the presence of oxygen.



For your comfort and hygiene, it’s not recommended to wear for a period longer than 4 hours. In case of damage ordampening, it’s recommended to use a fresh one.

The mask should be washed every time that is soiled or damp, or if it has been placed on any potentially contaminatedsurface